Bringing Pets?

Helpful information correct at time of going to "press"

To get an EU Pet Passport for your dog to travel to France - you must, in this order:

1. Get your pet micro-chipped with an ISO standard microchip, prior to having a
rabies vaccination.

2. Vaccinated against rabies with an EU approved vaccine, the microchip should be
read by a vet just prior to giving the vaccine. This must be done at least 3 weeks
before travel. Otherwise it will not be valid and you will not be able to travel.
The passport can now be issued.

Validity of passport

The pet passport does have an expiry date which is linked to the rabies vaccination.
If the date of rabies vaccination is missed (to the day) - then the pet passport is
make invalid and the three week rule reapplies.

Arranging your trip

Your dog must travel on an authorised route with an approved transport company (for
example Brittany Ferries)

Dogs can come back into the UK provided that 24-120 hours (1-5 days) prior to
check-in for the return journey, a vet treats your pet against tapeworm (with a
product containing praziquantel), signing and stamping the passport as proof this
has been done. Failure to have this will result in your pet not being permitted
re-entry into the UK


The time between the rabies vaccine and the rabies antibody test has changed and is
now a minimum period of one month; so make sure you know your timescales.

Before boarding the transport you are responsible for:

If you do not have the correct documentation, or the 24-120 hour limit is not
respected, your pet will not be allowed back into the UK without going through
quarantine, or re-treating against tapeworm.